“Legal Design Thinking” - Coaching and facilitated Workshops

Karla Schlaepfer offers visitors of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION a free introductory single course coaching on the subject: "Innovation and Digital Leadership " as well as other workshops. These can be booked together from 31.07.2018 during the registration process when purchasing your ticket. "My coaching helps you to be the innovative lawyer people want to work with. I'll show you how to change yourself “disruptively" with an agile mindset and the "Design Thinking" prototype-driven method, I offer law firms a systematic process on their way to becoming a legal tech success. The Six - Step Design Thinking method picks you up where you stand with individual challenges and lets you find innovative perspectives: for efficient legal tech applications and for one future-oriented team culture."

Possible topics for introductory single session coachings (30 minutes + 10 minutes Q & A):

  1. Leading a law firm in the digital age
  2. The right mindset for developing innovative legal-tech tools
  3. The new team culture of digital law firms