The emphasis in his consulting work is on national and international industrial enterprises in the machine construction, automotive supply and consumer goods industries. Philipp Reusch is an expert in the field of (international) product liability, product safety, compliance management and recall management. Other points of emphasis in his work as a legal consultant are insurance law, data protection and cyber security, and litigation.

Following his training as a clerk in industry, Philipp Reusch studied law and economics in Saarbrücken. Having begun his professional career as a attorney in a law firm oriented toward middle-sized companies, he founded the first office of Reusch Rechtsanwälte in Saarbrücken in 2004, with the opening of the Berlin office following in 2013.

Assistant lecturer in product liability and product safety at the RWTH in Aachen, Philipp Reusch is the author of numerous specialist publications. From 2009 to 2018 he was voted best lawyer in the field of product liability by ‘Best Lawyers’. In 2016, Finance Monthly honoured him with the award ‘lawyer of the year’ in the field of product liability for Germany. In the same year (- 2018) he was listed as best lawyer in the field of product liability by the Handelsblatt.