Daniella Domokos studies law at the University of Wurzburg, she is an independent journalist and runs her own blog at the following domain: “allaboutlegaltech.de”. Born in Hungary, she came to Germany in 2010 and is currently preparing herself for the bar exam (so called “1. Staatsexamen”). Meanwhile she tries to explain technical subjects on her own blog in a comprehensible way, especially targeted at lawyers. Furthermore she blogs about the subject “Legal Tech” in general. She expects that the subjects IT and Tech will gain in importance in the daily legal practice and rather in law schools. For this purpose she campaigns actively especially via well-known social media channels. Moreover, she is a part of the Legal Tech thinktank founded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice and worked as a student research assistant for Prof. Matthes, who holds the chair for Informatics (Software Engineering for Business Information Systems) at the Technical University of Munich. Recently she won the “Woman of Legal Tech 2018” price and is presently a finalist of the Digital Female Leader Award in the category “IT/Tech”.