Matthias Michaelis
Author: Matthias Michaelis

In a future where the application of legal norms is, slowly but surely, taken over by artificial intelligence, law firms and legal departments must begin to understand digital technology in order to remain competitive. According to founder, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, this is precisely the motivation for organizing an annual exposition and congress on legal innovation and legal technology. 

The entire interview has been made available for download by Lawyers on Fire as a podcast here. You can also find it on iTunes by entering "Lawyers on Fire" or "Jochen Brandhoff" into the search function.

Artificial intelligence is not a far-off technology of the future. It can already be found in use today as data-analysis software, and LEGAL ┬«EVOLUTION prominently features startups and established software providers who will exhibit their smart technology.

At LEGAL ┬«EVOLUTION 2017, lawyers and in-house Counsel, compliance managers and IT-professionals can demo some of the most advanced legal technology on the market. LEGAL ┬«EVOLUTION 2017 takes place on 23-24 October at Kap Europa in Frankfurt.

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