Matthias Michaelis
Author: Matthias Michaelis

Digitalization is an all-encompassing phenomenon that affects nearly every aspect of our private and working lives. It is therefore worthy of increased political attention. 

Nicola Beer is an attorney, a politician, and a visionary. Since she became General Secretary of the FDP in 2013, she has implemented a number of future-oriented initiatives such as "Gründer schaffen Zukunft" ("Founders for the Future"). Appropriately for a legal tech expo, the General Secretary has always highlighted the importance of digitization. In this context, Beer champions the idea of a "digital constitution" as well as the establishment of a Ministry of Digital Affairs and places a special emphasis on data security, an important topic for the legal tech industry. 

Prof. Dr. Ralph Alexander Lorz, LL.M. (Harvard) is the culture minister of the German state of Hesse as well as professor of comparative public law, international law, and European Union law at Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf. His international experience and long political career form the foundation upon which his sound expertise on the future of the international legal system has developed. 

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