Matthias Michaelis
Author: Matthias Michaelis

2016 is universally considered to be the year when legal tech to took hold in Germany. Over 100 legal-tech firms have already been established in Germany and the start-ups being founded at an accelerating pace. 

LEGAL ®EVOLUTION is the "first German legal tech fair" (Zeitschrift für die Anwaltspraxis (ZAP) 11/2017, S. 575) and on 23 - 24 October it will bring together legal tech providers, lawyers from firms and companies, scientists, and political decision-makers in one legal tech fair. 

Approximately 45 select exhibitors from the legal tech industry will demonstrate the power of legal technology and how office processes can be streamlined using digital technology.

The legal tech fair is simultaneously also an academic congress in which 45 renowned professors, politicians, founders, and CEOs will take the stage as guest speakers to show legal practitioners how they can take advantage of the already beginning digitization of the law, work more efficiently, optimize costs, and remain competitive in tomorrow's legal market.

Tickets for the event can be obtained here.

Are you a legal tech company interested in obtaining an exhibition space? If so, please contact our marketing manager, Florian Masurat, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T+49 (0) 69 348 7920-73

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