Matthias Michaelis
Author: Matthias Michaelis

This was the leading question at the latest Kanzleidialoge (Law Firm Dialogs) which took place at the offices of BRANDHOFF OBERMÜLLER PARTNER on 4 May 2017. Our owner, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, spoke following the introductory remarks of Dr. Annette Hartung on the subject of the “digital challenges and current solutions for lawyers”. 

The scooter is much like the legal profession in that it has managed to navigate the last 50 years without undergoing any significant design changes. The digitization of the legal market only just beginning and, according to Dr. Brandhoff, is a great opportunity for pioneering lawyers. Attorneys can take advantage of the potential of newer and more efficient digital technology and play a significant role in shaping the legal market of the future. However, the short presentation not only focused on the question: “Quo vadis advocatus?“ 

Dr. Brandhoff also made remarks on the possible directions the administration of justice will take over the course of the digitization of the legal market. The law is, even today, being applied with the help of computer algorithms – for example, through the examination of certain claims brought by airline passengers or in making Hartz IV decisions. Nothing precludes a great expansion in the use of algorithm-based decision-making in the future. We should expect to see a great increase in the use of algorithm-based solutions to legal problems in the future. He closed his remarks by noting that there are both opportunities and risks for the legal profession associated with these advancements as well as fundamental ethical problems.

These and many more topics were hotly discussed during the event.

You can read a transcript of Dr. Jochen Brandhoff's opening remarks concerning the digital transformation of the law here (German language).

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Legal Tech Lunch und aHa Kanzleireihe
LegalTech Lunch aHa Kanzleireihe
Legal Evolution und aHa Kanzleireihe
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