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Workshops and Individual Coachings

The following workshops and individual coachings sessions are among the practical highlights of LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2018. Participants are free of charge.


  • Legal Design Workshop
  • Legal Project Management


  • Legal Design & Legal Tech & Legal Innovation (new)
  • Leadership - Your role as a Leader
  • Leadership - Your role as a General Counsel
  • Leading an innovative law firm in the digital age
  • What is the necessary digital or agile mindset for crafting opportunities with new technologies?
  • New team culture in progressive agile law firms
  • Strategic Development for law firms and your career
  • Legal Coaching
  • Stand-up-Meeting: Legal Project Management


To register, please select a time span for the workshops and individual coaching sessions. We will inform you by e-mail about the exact time of the workshop or individual coachings within the chosen period about one week before LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2018. Participation is free of charge.




Individual Coachings

Leadership - Your role as a Leader

Coach: Dr. Geertje Tutschka

Language: Selectable in English or German

Durationn: 40-45 minutes

Do you have leadership responsibilities, but feel alone at work? Do you ask yourself whether you have the right stuff to be a leader? Or if there is any way to make leadership easier?

Leadership often means working at the edge of your comfort zone, standing in the foreground and making uncomfortable decisions. Leadership, however, also means being able to decide what kind of leader you would like to be. In an intensive speed-coaching session of just 15 minutes you will be able to receive authentic feedback about your leadership style, reflect on your role as a leader and develop take-away solutions.

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, ACC has practiced law for over 25 years in Germany, Austria and the United States. She is a businesswoman and runs her own law firm. She learned the responsibilities of leadership early on in her career and has developed her expertise in her leadership of volunteer organizations in the USA and German-speaking countries in addition to her role as the mother of three teenagers.

Leadership - Your Leadership role as a General Counsel


Coach's: Christoph H. Vaagt and Karlheinz Wehrfritz

Language: Selectable in English or German

Duration: 45 Minuten

Coaching of legal department lawyers and heads of the legal department

In order to master the increasing variety of tasks and demands on the management skills of legal department lawyers, self-reflection is required in order to know and use one's own skills, knowledge and resources. This self-reflection can be supported with the help of coaching. Participants of coaching sessions (so-called coachees) report that it is easier for them to get involved or to distinguish themselves and thus spend a self-determined working life.

Therefore, we offer the clarification of the following questions within the framework of the 45-minute "trial coaching sessions":
1. What is coaching?
2. How does coaching work?
3. What are the benefits of coaching?
4. Which of your concerns are accessible for coaching and which are not?

As consultants and trained coaches we know the challenges of legal departments very well since 1997. As publishers of the "C. H. Beck’sches Formularbuch für die Rechtsabteilung" (C. H. Beck's Form Book for the Legal Department), we have prepared all management processes for heads of legal departments in the form of checklists, tables and templates. In the book "General Counsel in the 21st Century" we dealt with the future of the legal department.

Leading an innovative law firm in the digital age

Coach: Karla Schlaepfer

Language: Selectable in English or German

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes

Leading an innovative law firm in the digital age – Change, not statis, is the natural mode of human life. Change promotes growth; statis results in decline.
Legal experts and digital leaders must learn how to cultivate dynamic yet safe environments that keep their people challenged and the work experience fresh. These leaders recognize the best reward they can give their people is that motivates beyond money or praise, is learning and a clear vision. This includes learning what their own people need. It’s what makes each of us more productive.

Many law firms and organizations will be already using digital tools to launch new services. But the transition of the workflow requires more than tech-tools; it requires a re-thinking and new re- evaluation of the value chain. It is transformation at every level.

Leading in the digital age is a new type of managing, of learning how to lead with uncertainties, a mixed team, and act with empathy and with purpose. This requires a mind-set change in which for example, more flexibility and personal disruption are key elements.

Another pivotal change of approach is to no longer to speak for the client, but to deal with the "client" on equal footing. The repercussions of digitalization and automatization will leave the legal industry no other choice but to actively involve customers in individual solution processes.

In this mini-coaching you can begin to explore questions about your complex role as a legal digital leader and gain insight as a people manager crafting new challenges inside your firm. Get inspired by your own role in this exciting transformative time.

What is the necessary digital or agile mindset for crafting new opportunities with new technologies?

Coach: Karla Schlaepfer

Language: Selectable in English or German

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes

What is the necessary “digital” or agile mindset for crafting new opportunities with new technologies? Change processes, like a mindset change, begin with one's own attitude towards oneself. For example, when you ask yourself hard questions about your own biases and thinking routines, you’re beginning the change or disruptive process that can lead to remarkable a-ha insights.

This introspective action can trigger an initial priority shift. It can be used for the defining of values and acting on their behalf. For the creation and execution of a company vision and purpose. To keep legal practitioners successful today; agile, user-oriented and flexible thinking are needed. Adaptability and iteration are part of the program and part of this mindset. The “digital mindset” embraces collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking, a bias toward action and lessons learned from informed failures.

We know that the standard processes that were useful in our analogue age are interfering with the development of innovative products, services and business models today. Agile methods like Design

Thinking can be an effective, systematic approach to use. However, in order to learn, grow, experiment and thrive, the basis for individual success is a holistically charged attitude: the agile mindset.
With this mini- coaching you’ll begin to think about setting personal incentives, defining purpose and questions to ask yourself that will help you get started cultivating a digital mindset.

New team culture in progressive agile law firms

Coach: Karla Schlaepfer

Language: Selectable in English or German

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes

Why should you as a legal professional work in teams? Lawyers are qualified experts who regularly work alone, right?
In our digital world, hierarchies are proving awkward and often inefficient with too narrow focus. In the large majority of businesses and organizations in Germany, hierarchies have become flatter and team work standard. What prevents law firms from acting this way? What are possible benefits?
Where are the pitfalls? In the legal and tax fields, this lack of team or interpersonal engagement results in a clear neglect of rich skills, diverse abilities and potential innovative solutions.

1 + 1 = 3 even in legal enterprises. Robust team cultures can improve office environments, employee engagement and drive innovation. Good functioning mixed teams require thoughtful creation and continued support. Agile leaders enhance the capabilities of teams in such a way that motivation, self-organization and personal responsibility thrive. Some analysts predict future legal developments will increasingly take place in self-organizing teams and partnership networks.

Above all, it is a matter of questioning and re-designing rigid thought structures in order to build and try something new, dynamic and with a clear, defined purpose. Go ahead -what’s stopping you? For example, what about experimenting with interdisciplinary or cross-competency teams?

In this mini-coaching thought provoking no-nonsense coaching questions will help shine a light on the status-quo in your particular situation and what prevents you from learning how to change it.

Karla Schlaepfer is offering single mini-coaching sessions and Legal Design Thinking Workshops at the Legal®Evolution Expo and Conference 2018 in English and German. Reserve your place online, here: (add link)

With her unusual cross competencies and qualifications as both a certified systemic and HPI design thinking coach, Karla Schlaepfer challenges legal business teams and individuals to venture out of their comfort zones, take on new perspectives and find self-determined, creative solutions to problems.
A great way to learn more: check out her book and blog here: www.das-dynamische- Karla’s next publication is an E- book, “Design Thinking? Frag mich was!” and is available here: (add link!)

Strategic Development for law Firms and your Career

Coach: Dr. Geertje Tutschka

Language: Selectable in English or German

Duration: 40-45 minutes

Have you ever felt like you have hit a wall and cannot advance? Do you find there is too little time in the daily grind to think about your goals and take steps toward realizing them? Would you like to make a move, but don’t know the next step you should take?

In strategic law firm and career development, you are the center of our focus. In an intensive speed-coaching session, you can come further in 15 minutes than you have in the last 15 months! Dr. Tutschka will take you step-by-step through the five most important questions for strategic success.

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, ACC has practiced law for over 25 years in Germany, Austria and the United States and is a trained business coach certified under the international standards of the ICF. She is a trainer for NLP-Wingwave and MindScape and is known for her publications in the field of career development and coaching.



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