Specialized speech recognition software, designed with lawyers in mind, accelerates the workflow of your company or law firm. Thanks to new and advanced algorithms, it takes only a short time to calibrate the speech software to meet your needs. Learn in real-time the time you can save by using digital dictation solutions with integrated speech recognition as opposed to traditional dictation systems. The voice recorder - which can be a standalone device or your smartphone - is integrated into the digital infrastructure of your company or law firm. Intelligent chatbots are automated dialogue systems that can talk. The program answers the user’s questions automatically through dialogue.Intelligent chatbots can improve the delivery of legal advice to internal and external clients. This is especially true when the expense of procuring in-person legal advice is too high in relation to the risk in question, as is often the case with high-volume customer contracts. The development of practice-capable artificial intelligence is therefore taking in an increased importance in the Legal Tech world.

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