This program allows students, trainees or doctoral students to receive a very discounted or even free admission to the largest congress fair for legal innovation in Europe. The LEGAL ®EVOLUTION gives deep insight into the modern legal market and connects students, trainees and doctoral students with attractive employers. In addition, interested participants will have the chance to become authors of The LEGAL ®EVOLUTIONary - legal magazine of the digital economy. Information and registration at

Dr. Claudia Junker, General Counsel for Deutsche Telekom, Dr. Ing. Michael Lappe, General Counsel for Deutsche Börse, Dr. Ing. Benno Quade, General Counsel for Software AG and Brit Neuburger, General Counsel for OSRAM Continental will be discussing the digital transformation of legal departments over the next five years at the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress 2018. The moderator of this high-caliber round is Markus Hartung, Director of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession and co-editor of "Legal Tech: The Digitalization of the Legal Market". Insight into the complete program can be found here.

LEGAL®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress 2018, the leading congress for legal innovation and legal technology in continental Europe, showcases Innovation live! In the interview Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, Managing Director of LEGAL ®EVOLUTION GmbH and Christoph Bertling, Managing Director of Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH, explain why they are organizing the congress and trade fair for the future together.

You can see the full interview here.

The “Zeitschrift karriereführer” (Journal for finding legal careers) reported in the first edition of the law on the digital transformation of the legal market an interview by André Boße of our Managing Director, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff regarding the "Top Issue - The Digital Revolution" on the technical developments, 1/2018, pages 10-14 (issue March 2018 - August 2018). Among other things, Jochen Brandhoff explains that the organization of the core processes of a law firm or a legal department offers a lot of room for efficiency increases and cost reductions. Law firms and companies can save a lot of money, time and stress by defining, setting up and digitizing important business processes such as the creation of certain contract types. In the "Top Topic", the career guide also reports on the LEGAL ®EVOLUTIONary, the new journal of the digital economy. Furthermore, it reports how Dr. Jochen Brandhoff founded the LEGAL ®EVOLUTIONary at the end of 2017.

You can read the full article here (German Language).

Prof. Dr. Jochen Deister talks with Jochen Brandhoff about LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 for Lawyers on Fire. During the interview Jochen Brandhoff gives a look-out on LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress 2018. The entire video-interview, which has been released on april 19th, can be retrieved here (German Language).

Frankfurt stands for diversity, internationality, the innovative and pioneering spirit – this and the continuing challenges facing the city were the topics at the Business Talks on Saturday evening. The participants of the discussions were the Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldman, Joern Herseth (Managing Partner, FalkenSteg GmbH and host of the talks), Marc Tillmann (Managing Director, K-1 BusinessClub), Ahmet Erisik and Jochen Brandhoff (Host of LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2018). Many of the personalities present, such as 3P founder Moses Pelham and R3LATION founder Stefan Söhngen, who embody the virtues of the city, took part intensively in the discussion.


Peter Altmann und Jochen Brandhoff
Peter Altmann und Jochen Brandhoff

The LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress will take place in the coming year on 4 – 5 December and will be hosted in the city of Darmstadt. It aims to exceed the already high bar set by this past year’s event by attracting over 1000 participants.

The “first German legal tech expo” (Zeitschrift für die Anwaltspraxis (ZAP) 11/2017, pg. 575) was lauded by mainstream media outlets such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and the SPIEGEL and such important legal journals as the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) (Reinemann, Susanne: "Die Legal-Tech-Expo", NJW 48/2017, S. 15) and M&A Review and numerous online media platforms such as the Legal Tech Blog and the Legal Tech Blog Frankfurt

We have chosen the ideal venue for LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2018, Darmstadtium – one of the most highly-rated conference centers in Europe. Darmstadtium possesses six auditoriums which will be used for lectures, product presentations, and pitches and have a capacity of 460, 250, 200, 75, 65, and 20 persons respectively. Located in the heart of the metropolitan Rhein/Main region and only 20 minutes from the Frankfurt Airport, it is outstandingly accessible. Our eight limousines and shuttles will be on-hand to make your short trip to the leading exposition on legal innovation in continental Europe a memorable one as well.

A comprehensive report on the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress, which took place on 23 and 24 October 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, has been published by A German language report can be found on the “Legal-Tech Blog” and is organized in two parts (part 1, part 2). Our media partner, Legal Tribune Online has also published a map with an overview of all legal tech events and companies in Germany.

The LEGAL ®EVOLUTION now has a YouTube channel. You can now view the keynote presentations from this year’s event online. We will upload all of the remaining presentations in the coming days.

We have additionally made the presentation slides from the speakers available for download on our agenda.

The German Newspaper Magazine FAZ has published an article about LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 with the title: "Anwälte und die Digitalisierung - Auf der Legal (R)evolution stehen Chancen im Vordergrund" veröffentlicht. 

The article can be read here (German Language):

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, 24. Oktober 2017, Nr. 247, S. 19 (Wirtschaft).

Frankfurt am Main, 25. October 2017. The two-day-event LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 came to a close last night with a total of over 600 international participants in attendance. It was the largest conference and exposition for legal innovation in continental Europe – gathering 50 legal tech providers and 53 speakers from throughout Europe and the USA with attendees representing every field of law.

In kicking-off the conference, which was conducted nearly entirely in the English language, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff asserted that lawyers will only continue to be successful if they begin to learn from experts from other fields – computer scientists, IT-specialists, project managers, and others. The Hessian Minister of Culture and legal scholar, Professor Alexander Lorz then posed the decisive question: “Who will own the future of the law?” According to Professor Lorz, many software developers will soon enter the legal services industry through the side and back doors. Some of these will simply be in a better position to bring their products to those seeking access to legal services. Dr. Thomas Remmers, Vice-President of the German Federal Bar Association in charge of digitization, and Kalle Palling, the Chairman for the EU Affairs Committee and Parliamentarian of the digital role-model state, Estonia, rounded off the opening proceedings of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 Expo & Congress 2017.

Among the 30 other presentations and panel discussions at LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 were the keynote delivered by Thomas Metz, State Secretary for the Hessian Ministry of Justice, the General Counsel Panel which included Arne Wittig (thyssenkrupp AG), Steffen Sachse (Aareal Bank AG), Victoria Núñez Francisco (Commerz Real AG), Florian Schäfer (Leica Camera AG) and Dr. Thorsten Hennrich (PlusServer GmbH) as well as an evening reception at the elegant Kameha Suite which hosted over 300 guests.

The organizer, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, founding partner of the Frankfurt-based law firm, Brandhoff Obermüller Partner gave it a positive assessment: “The last two days have given us all a clear vision of tomorrow’s legal professional. The very positive feedback we have received from the visitors, exhibitors, and speakers has shown us that the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 has made real headway toward the digitization of the legal market and the strengthening of Germany and Europe as markets for legal services. This is a great platform from which to launch an even larger and better LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 Expo & Congress 2018!

If you have any questions, please contact Florian Masurat or Jochen Brandhoff, 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

European LegalTech Expo GmbH, Kaiserstraße 53, 60329 Frankfurt, 
Tel. 069 34 87 92 092

This press release can be downloaded as a pdf-file here.

Journalists who would like to register to attend LEGAL ®EVOLUTION are kindly asked to contact our Marketing Manager, Florian Masurat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view receive a discount code which can be used to obtain free entry to the event.

Press Registration

According to Dr. Brandhoff, this situation will be amplified by the tendency of European law makers and courts to reduce limitations on the practice of law. Wholly new market participants will enter the legal industry, spurred on by technological innovations made affordable by increased investments. Only if they start developing their understanding of digital technology right now, will lawyers and other legal specialists will be able to find appropriate solutions for their future practice.

You can find the full article by Dr. Jochen Brandhoff on the journal, M&A Review 10/2017, which is linked here(German Language).

Do chatbots dream of electric sheep? Chatbots are fully automated programs which enable the customers to communicate with companies at any time. Many companies today have already implemented them into their websites. The bots generally work by asking simple questions then collecting and assessing the customer’s answers for relevant information. “Legal” chatbots are particularly useful for companies because they are always available to clients and can present the attorney with case-relevant data gathered in the “client interview”.

The entire article by Patrick Prior, who also asserts that legal chatbots will be an important topic LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017, can be read online in the eMagazine of Legalbusinessworld

Click here to register for LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017.

In a future where the application of legal norms is, slowly but surely, taken over by artificial intelligence, law firms and legal departments must begin to understand digital technology in order to remain competitive. According to founder, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, this is precisely the motivation for organizing an annual exposition and congress on legal innovation and legal technology. 

The entire interview has been made available for download by Lawyers on Fire as a podcast here. You can also find it on iTunes by entering "Lawyers on Fire" or "Jochen Brandhoff" into the search function.

Artificial intelligence is not a far-off technology of the future. It can already be found in use today as data-analysis software, and LEGAL ®EVOLUTION prominently features startups and established software providers who will exhibit their smart technology.

At LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017, lawyers and in-house Counsel, compliance managers and IT-professionals can demo some of the most advanced legal technology on the market. LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 takes place on 23-24 October at Kap Europa in Frankfurt.

Artificial Lawyer recently caught up with Jochen Brandhoff, organiser of LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017. On an interview Brandhoff discusses efficiency in the legal world, the current position of legal tech and AI demand in Europe’s largest economy, and how legal tech adoption is rapidly evolving there.

If you’d like to hear more about the German and wider European legal tech and AI scene, the LEGAL (R)EVOLUTION event will be taking place in Frankfurt 23/24 October.

Read the full article on

Victoria Núñez Francisco has been working in for Commerzbank since 2008 in the fields of corporate and regulatory law. She is the Head of Legal as well as General Counsel at Commerz Real AG. She will open the General Counsel Panel.

Arne Wittig is the Group General Counsel at ThyssenKrupp and is responsible for a team of over 100 attorneys. Mr. Wittig leads the global legal operations of the group and specializes in issues of corporate governance for publicly traded corporations.

Steffen Sachse is General Counsel for Aareal Bank, which focuses on the development of commercial real estate in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Florian Schaefer has been the General Counsel of Leica Camera AG since 2008. Since 2012, he has also been the Director of Legal and Compliance Officer of the company. He is primarily engaged in the areas of corporate law, regulatory compliance, M&A as well as distribution and licensing law.

LEGAL ®EVOLUTION is the largest annual exposition and congress for legal technology on continental Europe. It brings lawyers, politicians, and scientists together to provide law firms and legal departments comprehensive insights into the innovative future of the law. New technologies are already revolutionizing the way the way the law is applied, the attorney-client relationship, and the operations of law firms. As an expo and congress it offers a cross-section of the most advanced technology available: 45 international exhibitors from the European and American legal tech scenes will demonstrate their newest innovations. Additionally, 45 highly respected speakers from the fields of science and politics will present a multi-faceted and comprehensive overview of legal tech as it is today and how it will develop in the future.

Digitalization is an all-encompassing phenomenon that affects nearly every aspect of our private and working lives. It is therefore worthy of increased political attention. 

Nicola Beer is an attorney, a politician, and a visionary. Since she became General Secretary of the FDP in 2013, she has implemented a number of future-oriented initiatives such as "Gründer schaffen Zukunft" ("Founders for the Future"). Appropriately for a legal tech expo, the General Secretary has always highlighted the importance of digitization. In this context, Beer champions the idea of a "digital constitution" as well as the establishment of a Ministry of Digital Affairs and places a special emphasis on data security, an important topic for the legal tech industry. 

Prof. Dr. Ralph Alexander Lorz, LL.M. (Harvard) is the culture minister of the German state of Hesse as well as professor of comparative public law, international law, and European Union law at Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf. His international experience and long political career form the foundation upon which his sound expertise on the future of the international legal system has developed. 

2016 is universally considered to be the year when legal tech to took hold in Germany. Over 100 legal-tech firms have already been established in Germany and the start-ups being founded at an accelerating pace. 

LEGAL ®EVOLUTION is the "first German legal tech fair" (Zeitschrift für die Anwaltspraxis (ZAP) 11/2017, S. 575) and on 23 - 24 October it will bring together legal tech providers, lawyers from firms and companies, scientists, and political decision-makers in one legal tech fair. 

Approximately 45 select exhibitors from the legal tech industry will demonstrate the power of legal technology and how office processes can be streamlined using digital technology.

The legal tech fair is simultaneously also an academic congress in which 45 renowned professors, politicians, founders, and CEOs will take the stage as guest speakers to show legal practitioners how they can take advantage of the already beginning digitization of the law, work more efficiently, optimize costs, and remain competitive in tomorrow's legal market.

Tickets for the event can be obtained here.

Are you a legal tech company interested in obtaining an exhibition space? If so, please contact our marketing manager, Florian Masurat, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T+49 (0) 69 348 7920-73

This was the leading question at the latest Kanzleidialoge (Law Firm Dialogs) which took place at the offices of BRANDHOFF OBERMÜLLER PARTNER on 4 May 2017. Our owner, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, spoke following the introductory remarks of Dr. Annette Hartung on the subject of the “digital challenges and current solutions for lawyers”. 

The scooter is much like the legal profession in that it has managed to navigate the last 50 years without undergoing any significant design changes. The digitization of the legal market only just beginning and, according to Dr. Brandhoff, is a great opportunity for pioneering lawyers. Attorneys can take advantage of the potential of newer and more efficient digital technology and play a significant role in shaping the legal market of the future. However, the short presentation not only focused on the question: “Quo vadis advocatus?“ 

Dr. Brandhoff also made remarks on the possible directions the administration of justice will take over the course of the digitization of the legal market. The law is, even today, being applied with the help of computer algorithms – for example, through the examination of certain claims brought by airline passengers or in making Hartz IV decisions. Nothing precludes a great expansion in the use of algorithm-based decision-making in the future. We should expect to see a great increase in the use of algorithm-based solutions to legal problems in the future. He closed his remarks by noting that there are both opportunities and risks for the legal profession associated with these advancements as well as fundamental ethical problems.

These and many more topics were hotly discussed during the event.

You can read a transcript of Dr. Jochen Brandhoff's opening remarks concerning the digital transformation of the law here (German language).

Would you like to be invited to the next Legal Tech Lunch?

The Legal Tech Lunch is an irregularly held meet-up which take place at the law offices of Brandhoff Obermüller Partner in Frankfurt am Main and offers progressive thinking attorneys (as well as those interested in legal tech) a platform on which to exchange ideas and discuss topics concerning legal technology. If you are interested, please contact Simon Benedikt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T +49 (0) 69 348 7920-72

Legal Tech Lunch und aHa Kanzleireihe
LegalTech Lunch aHa Kanzleireihe
Legal Evolution und aHa Kanzleireihe

Anwaltsblatt, published by the German Lawyer's Association, discusses in its May/2017 issue i.a. the topic of artificial intelligence and asks the question: “What is the future of the legal profession?” 

In addition, Anwaltsblatt recommended ten read-worthy articles on the topic, one among which was authored by our own Dr. Jochen Brandhoff in January 2017: "Do you know Hatsune Miku?"

In the article, Dr. Brandhoff discusses the wave of innovation in the legal market spurred by the digital revolution. He sees this development as an opportunity not only to transform the nature of the legal industry, but also to create whole new professions.

You can read the full article here(German Language).

Do you have any questions about innovation and the law, automation in legal practice, or generally on the topic of legal tech? If so, please contact Simon Benedikt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T +49 (0) 69 348 7920-72

BLOCKCHAIN (R)EVOLUTION – That was the subject of the 3rd Legal Tech Luncheon hosted by 
LEGAL ®EVOLUTION – The European LegalTech Expo & Congress and BRANDHOFF OBERMÜLLER PARTNER on March 16, 2017 in Frankfurt. 

In attendance were nearly 50 corporate and institutional attorneys, in-house general counsel, tax consultants, IT-experts, legal technology providers, and investors who came to exchange their experience on distributed databases, blockchains, cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) and smart contracts.

Four blockchain experts gave their insights into the economic potential and legal aspects of these decentralized consensus mechanisms – the so-called "trust machines".

Our Director Dr. Jochen Brandhoff opened the gathering with a presentation on the underlying operating principles of blockchains. An excerpt of his speech can be accessed here. Dr. Brandhoff provided an update on what is planned for LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017. The new legal technology and Legal innovation trade show in Frankfurt has signed on additional distinguished speakers such as Nicola Beer, Attorney and Secretary General of the FDP.

Christoph Simmchen gave a general introduction to the legal implications of blockchain technology, while Markus Columbu lectured on the legal loop-holes and risks of the technology’s wide-spread implementation.

In the final presentation, Christian Kahl discussed what influence blockchains will have over the online-marketplace.

Would you like to be invited to the next Legal Tech Luncheon? 
Let us know - please contact Simon Benedikt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T +49 (0) 69 348 7920-72

Our managing director, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, will deliver a lecture at the University of Osnabrück about the digital transformation of the law on 26 April 2017. He will underline how legal technology, artificial intelligence and blockchains will fundamentally change the legal system (the legal services market in particular) in the coming decades.

Afterwards, Tobias Renner of KPMG Legal will give an overview of the current applications and limitations of legal tech.

The lectures will take place as part of the Osnabrück Corporate Law Forum (Osnabrücker Gespräche zum Unternehmensrecht). The invitation to the event may be found here: Download

If you have any questions about legal innovation, legal tech or the automation of the law, 
please contact Simon Benedikt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T +49 (0) 69 348 7920-72

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